CRA Kids

CRA Kids Ministry exists to meet children at their unique place in life:

  • Inspiring them to know Jesus
  • Inviting them to connect with God and others
  • Discipling them to become more like Jesus


Welcome to our Nursery Ministry! We understand the importance of providing a safe, nurturing environment for your little ones while you engage in worship and community. Our Nursery Ministry is dedicated to ensuring that children ages 0-3 experience love, care, and age-appropriate activities while under our supervision. Our volunteers are committed to creating a welcoming atmosphere where children can learn and grow in their faith. With secure facilities and a focus on early childhood development, we invite you to entrust your precious little ones to us during our services, knowing they are in good hands. Nursery starts at 10:45am.

Sunday Morning

At CRA Kids, we create a nurturing and exciting environment where children can grow in their faith while having fun. Through dynamic storytelling, interactive activities, and meaningful discussions, we aim to foster a strong foundation of spiritual values in our young ones. Our dedicated team of leaders is committed to providing a safe and welcoming space for children to explore their relationship with God and discover the joy of community. Our church services start at 10:45am and the kids are invited to junior church right before the sermon starts.